Market Opportunity

VasoThermo Diagnostics’ main market for our product consists of  Hospitals, General Practices, and vascular disease specialists in the U.S.  Currently, there are around 50,000-70,000 hospitals and clinics in the U.S. Of that, we hope to achieve around a 10% share of that market within the next five years. We also aim to achieve a revenue of around ~$4.5 million with the assumption of selling on average 3 units per customer.

How We Will Make Money

Our device will approximately cost around $150 to produce, including the parts and manufacturing process. Our sales price for VasoSpec will be $250, giving an operating profit of $100 per device. This is around a 67% profit margin which is an ideal range for profitability. 

Road To Market

To be able to reach our ultimate goal of releasing Vasospec to the market, we will be sure to follow the proper regulatory pathway and gain approval from the FDA first.