What is Our Goal?

We aim to provide an accurate, accessible, and affordable diagnostic tool for peripheral arterial disease detection. 

What is Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD)?


        Learn more about PAD from the CDC.

PAD described by the CDC




Why is early detection so important?

When diagnosed early, peripheral arterial disease can be treated. Current diagnostic methods utilized in clinics and hospitals are not widely available or prone to error. 

Our Value Proposition

Our device, VasoSpeck, helps clinicians provide early diagnosis and therefore, early treatment of PAD by using an inexpensive and accessible diagnostic device in routine exams. This early detection will significantly minimize the prevalence of amputations and overall PAD related healthcare costs in the United States.

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Diagnostics for Prevention

Our product VasoSpeck will provide early diagnosis for peripheral arterial disease and will thus prevent the development of serious medical complications such as the need for amputation.

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